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The weird... the unusual... the strange... what is is you ask?  It's American Graffiti!  How many times have you
driven down America's highways and byways and noticed something so bizarre that it's... well... graffiti?  Well, kids, eRench Productions, Inc. is proud to present American Graffiti!

Shoe Trees:  Do shoes really grow on trees?  What makes a shoe tree?  How are they polinated?  These and other botanical questions are answered as we explore various Shoe Trees around the Western United States.

Underwear Bushes:  Do bushes and trees really grow undergarments?  Would you leave your skivies or your wife's panties on a bush?  We find that underwear really does grow on bushes.

California Graffiti:  Wacky, weird and wonderful graffiti can be found in California - lots of it - and we photograph and explore some of it.

Western Graffiti:  Strange and unusual roadside attractions are alive and well in the Western United States, and we explore our share of it.

Texas Graffiti:  The hearland of America is home to many strange things, as our co-author Jerry Flinn helps us explore Texas and the Mid West.

Strange Signs:  It's amazing what's written on signs... in fact, I wouldn't believe many of these signs, unless I saw them on American Graffiti, courtesy of eRench Productions, Inc., custom photography for any occasion...

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