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Welcome to our Four Wheel Drive page, where the emphasis is on safe, adventure, fun, and responsible four wheeling.  Features illustrated write-ups of 4WD trips I've taken, stucks I've experienced, trucks I've owned, trail ratings, safety, and much more...

Four Wheel Drive Trips:  Trips I've taken to the Sierras, Inyo Mountains, Mono Basin, Panamint Valley, Death Valley, Nevada, and beyond...

4WD Trucks I've Owned:  Illustrated articles about various four wheel drive vehicles that I've owned.

My 4WD Stucks:  Stucks  happen... I've had my share of them. Here are articles about various stucks I've experienced, going back to the late 1960's.

Trail Ratings:  Everything is rated, including trails.  Article explaining how I rate trails, from mild to wild.

4WD Safety:  Four wheeling should be a safe, responsible, family-friend pastime.  Article about safety, and my viewpoint about four wheeling in general.

Trail Cooking:  Link to our sister web site, www.erench.com, with lots of recipes that I use on the trail, and other that can easily be adapted to trail cooking.

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