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eRench Productions, Inc., presents Eric's Adventures, with illustrated stories of ham (amateur) radio adventures, adventure trips, camping trips, hiking and backpacking adventures, ghost towns, and other interesting people, places and things.

Adventure Trips:  Write-ups of interesting trips, with the emphasis on action and adventure!

Ham Radio:  My amateur radio callsign is WS6L, and I've been playing with radios my entire life, and I've been a licensed "ham" radio operator since 1984.  This chapter is all about ham radio and ham radio adventures.

Ghost Towns:  I love to explore ghost towns of the  American west, as I'm a history buff, and I'm always looking for a reason to explore new territory.

Interesting Towns, People, Places and Things:  A little bit of everything is in this chapter, as I explore interesting towns and a whole lot more, found along America's highways and byways.

Camping Trips:  Oh do I love to camp!  Join my as I take you on some of the many camping trips that I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

Hiking Adventures:  Life isn't always lived on four wheels, as I have two good legs, and I like to use them whenever I get the opportunity.

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