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My current Amateur (ham) radio callsign is WS6L, which I've proudly had since 1985.  I'm active on all bands, with the exception of 220 MHz,  from 160 meters to 70 cm, in the SSB, CW and FM modes.  I particularly enjoy QRP, mobile, and portable operation on the high frequency bands, when I'm out enjoying the great outdoors, four wheeling in my truck.

37th Western States Endurance Run:  WS6L works as a member of the Amateur Radio communications team, and provides communicaitons from the parking lot at Ford's Point.

Meet WS6L:  A little bit about WS6L, my shack, my equipment, my antennas, and my general interests and goals in the fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio.

Radio Events:  Field day, four wheeling, public service; ham radio events that I've participated in, arranged in chronological order, most recent events go to the top of the page.

Mobile and Portable Operations:  I have a complete ham shack in my truck, and am able to operate on all bands, from 160 meter to 70 cm, in SSB, CW and PSK31 modes.  

High Frequency Nets:  Here's a list of high frequency Amatuer Radio nets that I'm either a member of, or check into on a regular basis.  HF nets are one of my favorite activities in Ham Radio!

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